Multi  Scale  Flow  Map

London based Multi-Scale Design firm LINKSCALE and research practice Amphibious LAB developed Territorial Scale 3d printing process with in-situ forces and materials in a coastal water environment. This pioneering approach for autonomous large-scale territorial production is designed to increase climate resilience and fight negative effects associated with climate change. The approach has received internationally acclaimed awards for innovation and sustainable construction.


“Our vision with this project is to deliver Territorial Design and Production methods that question the relations between the Anthropogenic and Environmental and can increase the resilience, by focusing on Redundancy, Transferability, and Scalability. – Maj Plemenitas, Founder LINKSCALE, Amphibious LAB, Ana Abram, Amphibious Lab)"


“In-Situ Network. A small-scale solution for a large-scale problem. Design with increased performance of individual branches when combined into groups or swarms of branches, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Holcim Awards Jury“

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